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Angela Gallik   Creative Director

Angela Gallik
Creative Director

Angela Gallik is the Creative Director for LayerCake. She is responsible for overseeing creative and marketing direction, production, as well as marketplace research and data implementation. With an acumen for creating elevated designs, she also diligently focuses on market research and technology initiatives. Her versatile experience in the commercial real estate arena spans eight years and includes graphic design, marketing, research, website design and mobile application UI/UX design. Angela has worked with hundreds of well-known brands and companies, from local businesses to national chains and Fortune 100 companies.

Angela is the Lead Designer and Consultant at Agile Creative Services, a Chicago multi-disciplinary studio with over a decade of experience building unique brands through better design, websites and marketing strategies.

Angela holds a Bachelor of Specialized Studies from Ohio University, with a concentration in Graphic Design, Advertising and Marketing with a Minor in Fine Arts. She is a Chair Member of the Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation and enjoys teaching yoga in her spare time.



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Liz Holland       Chief Executive Officer

Liz Holland  
Chief Executive Officer

Joe Sauer   President

Joe Sauer

Kyle McLean   Chief Technology Officer

Kyle McLean
Chief Technology Officer

Christine Holland       Project Manager

Christine Holland  
Project Manager